Mind Mover: Erin



Erin’s favorite show as a 9-year old child was HBO’s Autopsy. This is why she initially wanted to go into medicine : so that she could go into forensic pathology and cut up the dead. She remains pathologically interested in criminology, forensic science, serial killers, and anything usually considered as grotesque or macabre.  
She studied in De La Salle Zobel for high school, and later decided to pursue a degree in biology from De La Salle University for research, where her undergrad thesis was on the bactericidal activities of lactobacilli on a variety of antibiotic-resistant enterobacterial strains and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). She plans to eventually obtain her PhD and become a researcher and university professor, where she hopes to corrupt the minds of the impressionable youth.
Provided there were no financial or resource constraints, her dream research would deal with exploring signs of life on other planets, synthesizing viruses, unicellular and possibly multicellular organisms, crafting computer models/simulations of different diseases in human, plants and animals, or studying the evolution of immune systems in invertebrates and protochordates. However, she also wants to explore many different fields of biology because of the broad scope and diversity of the subject.
In her spare time, she cooks, plays classic video games, reads Vertigo comics, and writes stories. She is averse to sunlight and summer heat, so she is rarely found outside during this season. She is a proud introvert and believes that cats occasionally make for superior company as opposed to her own species.   

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