Mind Mover: Artha



Artha is a Hindu name which means worldly wealth. She wishes that, if she is true to her name, money would rain on her all the time. But for now, Artha is happily working as a Mind Mover, sharing her passion for the Life Sciences after graduating from Ateneo. She is a 23-year-old Chinese-Filipino who is all sorts of paradoxes. One, her blood is Chinese but her name is Indian: ironic because the Chinese and Indians have a long history of hatred against each other. Two, she is Chinese but she never learned to speak the language. Three, she’s just a hodge-podge of everything, a jack of all trades. Artha worships food and can eat like a man if she allows her inner brusqueness to surface. She is a pseudo movie buff who TRIES to patronize the Indie film industry but fails miserably because she doesn’t know where to get those. She also adores animals and was told by her former boss to stop petting strange pussies because she has a habit of picking up any lost kitten or stopping to pat a stray cat or dog, or any animal for that matter – except bugs. Cockroaches make her scream and jump. She loves the beach and the ocean, mountains and breezy hillsides. Someday she dreams of being a travelling biologist, out on the field, freely petting the strange but wonderful animals of the world.

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