Mind Mover: Uzzie



Uzzie is one of the resident physicists of the museum. She obviously likes thinking about physics, looking at numbers and solving puzzles. Physicist Richard Feynman is her greatest influence in Physics. His curiosity, his irreverence for “authority” inspires her to explore things and to actually learn and understand beyond memorizing fancy words. The mysteries of space its broken and unbroken symmetries and how the mind works intrigue her.  The books that changed the way she looked at the world include Cosmos, Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan, The Whole Shebang by Timothy Ferris, The Brain that Changes Itself (a book about overcoming disabilities) by Norman Doidge.  She also was moved by the films Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan, the Human Footprint, and Cosmic Collisions. If she hadn’t read these books, hadn’t watched these films, hadn’t known Richard Feynman, living would be as dull as waiting for paint to dry.
In the museum she would sometimes tinker (or destroy) things and look at their insides. She would someday like to make a flying car, an efficient exercise machine that can be a generator and a house like that of Tony Stark’s. She also writes codes for simple graphs and games. When she needs to rest, she plays or watches football. Her favourite team is FC Barcelona and her favourite player is Lionel Messi. When her team loses or plays really great she analyzes in great detail what they have done right or wrong just like a Fantasy Football Manager. European football helped her learn German, Spanish and Portuguese. She can also speak a little Japanese now because she used to have a crush on someone Japanese. Sometimes when she is really low and out of energy she will watch a film all over again for several days. Some of the films she watched over and over again were Adam, Mary and Max and Forrest Gump. She also loves watching Community, Arrested Development and Big Bang Theory. She watches those shows because of the witty jokes that make her momentarily forget her problems whether it be personal or something that can be solved by equations.

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