MindBurst Recap: March 2015

Last March 29, the Museum celebrated its second monthly event for the year. Titled Science Goes Fiction!, the event explored how science fiction and imagination come together in helping to build a culture of science. 

Grounded on the idea that "good science fiction is based on good science" and that "imagination is the rocket fuel of science", the event challenged visitors' perspectives on science, technology, society and the future so that they could reflect on the vital role that science plays in our lives. 

The exhibit stations were found in the Imaginarium, with three different corridors. The first corridor exhibited a walkthrough of the history of science fiction in literature, film, and television. 

Classic works were displayed on tables and suspended from strings, with information about these works written on signs on the floor. 

Decorating the corridor were posters of science fiction films, from Le Voyage Dans Le Lune to Spike Jonze's Her, while three televisions showed episodes from classic shows such as Doctor Who and Star Trek. 

The history walkthrough also illustrated how common themes in science fiction changed over time. For instance, several sci films in the 1900's fantasized about what trips to the moon would be like; when we finally managed to travel to the moon, sci fi films expanded their horizons since the moon was no longer a mysterious destination. 

Beside the history corridor was an enclave which contained the exhibit on Imagination: guests were given images of everyday objects, and they had to create new images and objects from these. 

The third corridor was the Sci-Fi Tech Junkshop, where a collection of technology inspired by science fiction was displayed, with each item tagged with its background information. 

The event was also marked by the launch of the tinkering workshop MakerSpace Pilipinas.

Guests also competed in two quiz shows, titled Mind Pub at the End of the Universe, and Mind Games: A New Connection (based on the UK show, Only Connect), where the winners were awarded 3D printed models of the Death Star from Star Wars and the TARDIS from Doctor Who. 

Along with Awesome Labs, the MindMovers also facilitated two booths where the guests could play the spaceship simulator ARTEMIS. In the game, teams had to take on different roles in the ship, such as controlling the ships' weapons, engineering and communications.

Lastly, the event also launched the MindReaders' Book Club, where the guests discussed their favorite science fiction works and the impact of science fiction on society as a whole.

Selling their wares were Filbar's, My Tea and Sophie's Mom, who also made sci-fi themed cupcakes just for the event.

The MindBurst was an absolutely fascinating experience, especially for science fiction geeks who indulged in their passion and battled against other geeks for a chance at a prize.

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