Go Geeky This Halloween With Our Science Costume Ideas!

As with any masquerade or costume party, Halloween is an opportunity to let loose and don a completely new identity for one night. But if you need ideas aside from the tried and tested classics (e.g. Frankenstein's monster, witches, and vampires), here are a few scientific ideas you may want to try to spice up your holiday and keep your friends and family guessing.

Last April, The Mind Museum hosted ASPAC 2015, a conference for the community of the Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres. For the President's Dinner, the delegates were asked to come to the party dressed as a science concept. Many got creative with their costumes (as you shall see in the following examples), while others came as scientists. Draw inspiration from some of the more memorable costumes that night:

L-R: Delegates dressed as an X-ray machine, as a photosynthetic organism, and as the visible light spectrum

L-R: Delegates dressed as the sun, as Schrodinger's Cat, as cosmic background radiation, and as a scientist

L-R: Delegates dressed as electricity, as a molecule, as visible light, as magnetism, and as a WiFi signal.

Delegate Larry Garcia dressed as a scientist, with a DIY Van de Graaf machine

ASPAC President Alan Brien dressed as an astronaut

ASPAC 2015 ended with Biodiversity Night, where the delegates dressed up as different life forms - if you consider yourself as a biology nerd, you may want to try out some of these ideas. Here are some of our favorites:

L-R: Delegates Valerie Deal and Sarah Woods as a triceratops and as a Minion (a new life form?!)

L-R: Delegates dressed as a toadstool, a tree, and a carrot

Event host Carlie Dario as a colony of corals

L-R: Delegates Alex Jordan and Jingu Rie as a lichen and a squid

L-R: Delegates Maan Capinding and Trixie Tacardon dressed as a jellyfish and a nudibranch

Delegate Kai Pobre dressed as a tree, and being assaulted by a T. rex

L-R: Mind Museum volunteers dressed as a chicken and a lamprey

Alan Brien as a ladybug, with delegate Valerie Deal in the background as a pineapple

Inspired? Or think you can do better? Wear the coolest and geekiest science costume this Halloween, and tag us in your online post (#TheMindMuseum, #ScienceInStyle).

Alternatively, you can show off your costume by coming to the museum this month and availing of your FREE upgrade to an All Day Pass ticket! Got a science shirt or cap? A scarf printed with planets? We'll upgrade you! Want to go all out and make your own props? Even better! Arrive in costume, pay only the 3-hour ticket rate, and claim your upgrade!

Children 3 feet and below who visit the museum in a science costume will get to explore the galleries for free, as long as they have at least 2 paying companions with them. Check out the full promo details here on our website.

And for those who can't get enough of this time of the year, sign up for our Halloween Science Sleepover on October 24-25! Join with your friends and/or family and participate in the challenges and workshops. For inquiries, email programs@themindmuseum.org.


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