Future Cities: Planet-friendly Technologies

Aside from The Mind Museum's last two traveling exhibitions that have been launched this year, the exhibition team continues to develop new additions to our repertoire of permanent installations. 

This new exhibition in the Technology gallery imagines a city shaped profoundly by renewable energy technology, to craft a sustainable and habitable urban space.

A collaboration with Shell Philippines, the concept for Future Cities began from the challenges of urban development: with a rapidly growing population, how can we design energy-efficient cities that would boost economic growth and also sustain a high quality of life for its residents?

As the guests enter the Technology gallery, they can follow the Road To Future Cities graphic markers on the floor to the exhibition. Future Cities is composed of three parts: the City Quiz, the model city diorama, and Planet You. 

By taking the City Quiz, guests can figure out what kind of city they would like to live in, based on factors such as housing, population density, and transportation.

Modern cities can be categorized into one of six City Archetypes, based on a study that was conducted by Shell on 500 urban centres. Where does Manila fall under?

Designed by Arch. Job Bernardo, the 3D model city imagines an environmentally sustainable Philippine city with green technology such as hydropower energy, underground farming, green roofs, and solar trees. To learn more about these kinds of technology, a tablet is provided which reads the QR codes under each feature, and gives you the corresponding information. 

The last part of the exhibit is Planet You, where you get to name and design the energy identity of your own planet. Answer the questions provided on the panel based on your preferences for your ideal planet (e.g. with regard to energy source and efficiency, food distribution), and watch your planet come to life on the screen in front of you. 

Both Planet You and the model city were first featured in the Shell Eco-Marathon event earlier this year. The exhibit was formally launched on October 30th, with speakers Arch. Paulo Alcazaren and Arch. Guillermo Luz sharing their insights on Philippine urban development.

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