Traveling Exhibition: High on Sci Fi: A-Maze-ing Encounters

Launched last December 2015, The Mind Museum's latest traveling exhibition, High on Sci Fi: A-Maze-ing Encounters, gives you the chance to revisit some of your favorite characters from several science fiction film franchises.

With the rise in popularity of comic book adaptations and superhero films in the 21st century, the literary genre of science fiction has gained a broader millennial audience. The Mind Museum showcases some of the characters and gadgetry featured in each film, and discusses not only their significance within their respective universes, but also the real-life underlying science concepts.

Developed by The Mind Museum team with help from designer Christopher Mora, with collectibles on loan from Ren Cayetano of Maxistores, and co-presented by Uratex and Globe Telecom, the exhibition takes the shape of a giant maze through which you can navigate and pass through obstacles to get to the spaces containing the exhibits. 

These exhibits include life-sized figures, busts, and collectibles of technology and characters from series like Star Wars, Terminator, Alien vs Predator, Men in Black, Batman, and the Marvel universe, with all items courtesy of Maxicollector.

As you enter the maze, for example, you are immediately greeted by the grandiose figures of Thor and Iron Man; familiar characters like Spiderman, and Captain America and his shield also make an appearance. While bestowed with superpowers, these characters' origin stories draw upon science fiction elements such as genetic modification or an exposure to radioactivity.

If the heroes of the Marvel universe boast of superpowers, the next space features DC's Batman, a hero and vigilante that relies on his wits, strength, and immense collection of crime-fighting gadgetry.

The discovery continues as guests encounter extraterrestrials from Men in Black, and Alien vs Predator, T-600 and T-700 endoskeletons of the Terminator series, and a replica of the Brain Chip.

The central area of the maze features characters from the space opera Star Wars, such as the famous droids R2-D2 and C-3PO. The films' commercial appeal from the 70's and 80's still rings true today, with the release of the seventh film in the series garnering much fanfare. Some of the featured scenes and characters in the exhibition, such as Han Solo frozen in carbonite and Jango Fett and the cloned troopers, are inspired by concepts like cryonics and cloning respectively. 

Since its origins, science fiction as a genre has always dealt with pushing the boundaries of what we imagine to be scientifically possible. We also often identify with the characters onscreen and fantasize about what we can achieve with their larger-than-life abilities and technology.

The Mind Museum's newest exhibition highlights how modern science fiction, while sometimes fanciful, draws upon the limitless imagination, creativity, and ingenuity of today's scientists and engineers in creating future worlds that our ancestors could only dream of. 

High on Sci Fi will be in The Mind Museum's Canopy Plaza until the end of February 2016.

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