Cafe Scientifique: Art For Our Sake by Garrick Bercero

As part of the Art BGC Festival 2016's Art Talks, The Mind Museum hosted a Cafe Scientifique, with the theme of Art For Our Sake, last May 14. 

Giving the lecture was Adrianne John Galang, PhD., Assistant Professor from De La Salle University. 

Dr. Galang talked about the value of art, while making sure that these arguments were scientifically valid. He pointed out popular myths about the beneficial aspects of art, such as "The Mozart Effect", which purports that cognitive abilities are enhanced with exposure to classical music. 

The fad caused many parents to expose even babies in utero to Mozart. 

Ultimately, Dr. Galang believes that the aesthetic pleasure we derive from art should be reason enough for us to continue supporting it.

He also mentioned the growing field of "emodiversity", which predicts that experiencing many different emotions promotes personal well-being. 

And, he believes, art allows us to experience different emotions without necessarily suffering the consequences related to those emotions, such as the death of a character in a beloved TV series. 

To learn more about emodiversity and participate in Dr. Galang's research, visit this link. There will be an online form, and you will receive an assessment through email after accomplishing the form. 

Cafe Scientifique is a world-wide movement that aims to bring science closer to the public through conversations with scientists, artists and thinkers. This is a FREE event. If you have a science topic you'd like us to discuss, please email us at

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