Dino Quest at Centrio!

After its 3-month run in The Mind Museum, the Dino Play exhibition traveled to Centrio mall in Cagayan de Oro City from October 25 to November 3, and was a big success with the residents of CDO!

The exhibition culminated in a whole-day event on Sunday, October 30th, for the guests of Centrio. Titled Dino Quest Halloween, the event featured hands-on workshops, games, and talks delivered by the Mind Movers, the resident scientists of the Museum. 

The first 250 shoppers who received an entrance pass to the event were also given free loot bags courtesy of Centrio, for the trick or treat event later on in the day. 

Once inside, the guests could attend one of two featured workshops: Earthly Imprints, or Dino Egg Drop. 

With Earthly Imprints, the guests learned about dinosaur fossils, and made their own cast fossil to bring home as a souvenir. 

For Dino Egg Drop, the guests had to use physics to build a contraption that could house and protect a "dino egg". The egg was dropped from the second floor, and the device must be properly engineered to keep the egg safe from any cracks!

Guests also listened to three short, interactive talks from the Mind Movers. First was Dino 101, a primer on dinosaurs; for example, what makes a dinosaur different from other animals, and why did giant dinosaurs like the T. rex disappear? 

While most of us think that all dinosaurs are extinct, the birds evolved from dinosaurs during the Jurassic, and are considered as living dinosaurs!

Next was the Dino Quiz, a game show where the guests competed against each other and answered several questions about dinosaurs to win prizes. 

Last was Dino Myths, a talk on the misconceptions we have about dinosaurs based on what we've seen throughout the years from pop culture. 

For example, while we associate the mighty T. rex with its trademark roar in Jurassic Park, they may not have roared at all, and may have sounded much more like birds!

Aside from these activities, the guests also engaged in the different activity and game booths scattered around the event space.

Kids at the Design Your Own Dinosaur booth assembled pieces of different dinosaurs together and 'designed' their own dinosaur, which they colored in with crayons, and took home. 

Guests also took photos of themselves in dinosaur costumes at the Photo Booth, and participated in the games at the Games Booths. 

The guests also explored the exhibition's four areas at their leisure: Dino Dig, Dino Fun, Dino Lab, and Dino Den. 

After all the workshops were finished for the afternoon, a contest was held for all the kids who arrived in costume, and prizes were awarded for the best. 

The event concluded with a trick or treat event, as the guests in costume brought their loot bags to the participating stores all over Centrio to receive their Halloween candy. 

It was truly an enjoyable experience for kids and their families, and dinosaur fans alike. 

Dino Play will be traveling to other regions within the Philippines. Stay tuned for when it comes to your hometown! 

To learn more about The Mind Museum's other traveling exhibitions as well as upcoming and regular activities, visit the museum's website, and follow the museum on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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