We Are 5! 5 Reasons To Visit The Mind Museum This Summer!

On March 16th, The Mind Museum turns five! Whether you're that Unlimited Science Pass holder who's at all our events, or someone who's never had an extraordinary science education experience at the museum, we have so much in store for you as we give back to our wonderful guests on our birthday.

We've grown a lot these past five years, and while some things are just as you remember them, we've come so far since AEDI the robot welcomed our first guests. Here are five things you can expect throughout our fifth birth year, and some just this week.

1. Over 250 hands-on, minds-on exhibits for kids 2 to 92!

You can still find your favorites from five years ago - like Stan the Tyrannosaurus rex, the Van de Graaff generator, and the Tunnelcraft - but you can also lose track of time at the Giant Orrery and its improved model of the solar system.

You can also learn about your sleeping habits with the Human Body Clock, or learn about the diversity of life in its shapes and forms with the Tree of Life. 

You can explore the planet-friendly technology of Future Cities, and explore your body's symmetry with the Anti-Gravity Mirror.

The Mind Museum's exhibit team regularly updates the permanent exhibits, so if you visited the first time we opened, we have new exhibits for you to see!

2. Free bonus events for museum ticket holders!

On Sunday mornings, you can watch Wild Conversations - a close encounter with animals, with wildlife trainer Isa Garchitorena. You can also catch Awesome Astronomy on Sunday afternoons with our resident astronomer Pecier Decierdo, and have a guided tour of the universe. See event schedules here!

Looking for something to do this weekend? On Saturday, (March 18) we'll be having our second session of Cafe Scientifique for the year, a free event where you can discuss timely scientific issues with the community in a round table discussion. This Saturday, we'll be discussing the science of addiction.

And of course, you can't miss the hourly Mind Moving Studios, where one of our resident scientists brings science up close and personal with various demonstrations.

The Mind Museum website is also updated with our regular roster of events, so check out our schedule for anything that might interest you!

3. Traveling Exhibitions and Special Exhibits!

This summer is also a great time to visit, with the traveling exhibitions Dino Play and Science Circus parked right in our Canopy Plaza, and Teenage Brain in our Technology Gallery. You can also visit our special exhibition, Planet Story, where you can create and star in your own digital story.

Guests in one of the rooms of the Teenage Brain Exhibition

Guests playing in the Dino Den of the Dino Play Exhibition

Guests playing with one of the illusions in Science Circus

Our guests enjoying one of the rooms in Planet Story
Since our traveling exhibitions visit the other parts of the Philippines, make sure to catch the exhibitions while they're still here! For a list of our current traveling exhibitions and ticket rates, you can also visit our website.

4. Beat the Heat with our Summer Programs!

Summer's coming up, and there's no better place to beat the heat than at The Mind Museum. One day is not enough when you're learning and having fun, so we made summer science programs just for you!

If you think you have what it takes to be like our Mind Movers, you can join the Junior Mind Mover program. The Junior Mind Mover program will offer three kinds of classes: the Tots class (for ages 4-6, from May 2 to 13), the Primes class (for ages 7-9, from May 3 to 27), and the Tweens class (for ages 10-13, from May 2 to 20).

If you're more inclined to make stuff with your own hands, the Maker Camp is there to make your imagination reality. Open to everyone ages 14 and above, Maker Camp will take place on April 21-23 (from 1:00 - 5:00 PM each day) at The Mind Museum.

To register for our programs, visit this link.

5. Avail of our 5th birthday promo!

What's a birthday, without a birthday treat? March 15th is the last day of our promo rates, so better catch it before it's gone:

Celebrate our fifth year of making science come alive and fall in love with science all over again!

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