5 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Manila Mini Maker Faire!

The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth is coming to The Philippines on June 10-11 at The Mind Museum!

Maker Faire is an international festival for all ages that celebrates the Do-It-Yourself mindset. Created by Make magazine, Maker Faire showcases the ingenuity of the Maker community all around the world: tech enthusiasts, hobbyists, engineers, tinkerers, and artists who create and innovate technology, and share what they've made. 

Why should you join this one? 

1. Manila Mini Maker Faire is the first-ever Maker Faire in the country!

Launched in 2006, the first Maker Faires were held in the United States; later, more than a hundred Mini and Featured Maker Faires were held around the world, such as in Tokyo, Rome, Detroit, Oslo, and Shenzhen. 

In Asia, upcoming Maker Faires this year will be held in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and China - and the very first in the Philippines will be held in Manila this June 10-11!

Manila Mini Maker Faire will be held at The Canopy Plaza of The Mind Museum, and the program will run from 10 AM to 6 PM on both days. 

Because this will be the first of its kind in the country and tickets for registered attendees are FREE, the Manila Mini Maker Faire is a must-attend!

On-site registration booths will be available at the venue, but to avoid the long lines, you can pre-register at this link.

2. Meet over 60 different creative Makers!

The event will feature an exciting line-up of exhibits from over 60 different Makers and Maker groups, with delegates from all around the Philippines. 

Examples of these projects include (but are not limited to) the Smart Tix Clock and the Smart Portable Weather Station of FABLAB Mindanao, the 3D Printing projects of Puzzlebox 3D Philippines, the handmade musical instruments of MUSIKO IMBENTO, the solar lighting technology of Liter of Light, the drones of Flying Promotions and SkyEye Analytics, and the manned Hoverboard of Kyxz Mendiola.

Image credit: SkyEye Drone Race Series Facebook page
Image credit: SkyEye Drone Race Series Facebook page
The Faire will also feature the works of designers such as the toy and game design collective of Playing Mantis Philippines, creative wood crafts of Woodworks: Man x Machine, the handmade and custom folding bikes of Nyfti Lifestyle Bicycles, the upcycling projects of Roderick Banares and Ian Sarra, and many, many more!

To view the complete list of Makers and learn more about them, visit this link.

3. Attend free workshops to jumpstart your Maker journey!

The Maker Faire will also feature FREE scheduled workshops on the first day of the Faire (Saturday, June 10), that will take place at the Special Exhibition Hall of The Mind Museum. 

These workshops include "Introduction to Arduino" by SparkLab Innovation Center, a hands-on workshop on microcontroller programming, "Fusion 360 Workshop" by Mechaniweb, a workshop on how to design your own products using Autodesk's latest CAD software, and the "Machibox Robotics Workshop" by Machibox Inc., where you can learn how to program Machibot and race it through a series of obstacles and mazes. 

Since there are limited slots (offered on a first-come, first-serve basis), you can register now at these links: 

You may also view the schedules of the workshops at this link.

4. Watch free talks, demonstrations, and musical performances from the Makers themselves!

Aside from exploring the exhibits at the event, you can also watch free lectures given by Microsoft Philippines, Team Manila, Benilde Industrial Design, 3M Philippines, SparkLab Innovation Center, FABLAB Mindanao, Raimund Marasigan, Sebastian's Ice Cream, and the BS-HRM students of MSU-IIT, and learn about a variety of topics from innovative food packaging, to music production, and even the science of ice cream!

Image credit: Scienkidfic Xplorers
Image credit: Scienkidfic Xplorers

You can also catch the science experiments performed by Scienkidfic Xplorers, and listen to musical performances by Rayvan Beat and Ram Millisec. 

5. Find the inner Maker in you!

Yes, even you can be a Maker too! While the origins of the Maker movement are related to technology, you don't need to be an engineer or a programmer to become one.

Anyone who creates, builds, designs - whether it's coding software, designing experimental fashion, making music and art, baking cakes and cookies, fabricating costumes and props - is a Maker, and the Manila Mini Maker Faire is a celebration of the innovative and collaborative human spirit.

Interested yet?

Come join us at the first Mini Maker Faire in the Philippines! Who knows? You may be one of the next featured Makers to share your projects with the world. 

For updates on the Manila Mini Maker Faire and our upcoming programs and activities, follow Makerspace Pilipinas, Maker Faire Philippines, and The Mind Museum on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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